Writing Twitter into the Mix

One of the assignments I have for a client is writing Twitter messages. This doesn’t mean sitting down at a computer for a few hours and whipping out a conversation with people, as you might suspect. Instead, it means preparing short announcements to fit into the rest of their mix of online vehicles. They have a regular Web presence, plus a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, and a Twitter account. ┬áThis alerts their audience that the other vehicles have articles to read, or photos to see, or videos to view.

You might think this is misusing or perhaps abusing Twitter a bit. I don’t think so. This page was never meant to interact as such, although that’s what Twitter does best. This audience doesn’t expect responses from the Twitter account, it really appreciates a heads up to look at the other vehicles, where the content has more room to communicate.

I am a big fan of Twitter. I have three accounts, and I spend some time on them. The nice thing about Twitter is, you can use it as you need to, and no one — no one — is using it the “right way,” everyone is using it the way that makes sense to them.


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