e-Books and the Comfort of Reading

I had my doubts. For all I knew, black text on a white screen lighted from behind would be hard on the eyes. But I am learning from my wife, whose eyes are troubled by cataracts and has to read any book very close, e-Books provide a lot more versatility than a paper book.

For one thing, she is able to vary the intensity of the screen, and she can adjust the the font size of the text, making reading a lot easier. In addition, she is able to change background and font colors, and reading white text on black or other dark-colored backgrounds is even easier on her eyes.

I have the Kindle app on my iPhone. She has the Barnes and Noble app on her iPod touch. They’re worth trying because of their versatility, but also because they’re less expensive and take up less room. I’m not likely to convert to e-Book soon, because I like holding the book and manipulating the page in my hand, but I can see why it might be easier on some. I think minds are still being made up on this one!


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